America Needs
Love Unity Equality

Creating a new American Culture that attacks systemic racism which has divided us for over 400 years impacting African Americans and other ethnic groups who are considered people of color. The culture uses love which can be defined here as having the courage to care for others. Not just the ones who have been labeled as the same color or race but for all of your fellow Americans particularly those who do not truly have equality. The belief and the truth is when people who choose love come together in unity we can create equality rather than injustice.

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Why We Need Love Unity Equality

The United States of America the country where so many have fought to become a citizen and few have chosen to leave proves it’s still the greatest in the world. However it really can’t be argued that we are also the divided states of America and many may question our title of the greatest. After all, can we say our leaders of the Democratic and Republic party are anywhere close to being united. Divided describes the relationship very well not just the leaders but the masses they lead. Only a portion of us see ourselves as all Americans all one and all equal.

A country that is full of diverse ethnic groups and skin tones prefers to be identified not as Americans but different races and colors which only keeps us divided rather than united. This has always led to an us and them mentality with those who are not a part of the so called white race often becoming the victims particularly those who have been labeled as black. Evidence of this are the horrific things that have happened to blacks at the hands of the police that have helped to shed light on the systemic problem that is evident throughout our society. The truth is all of the division really comes from far too many of our American citizens against the idea of true equality or liberty and justice for all.

Who Is Behind Love Unity Equality

Ed Hudson AKA EdLove who is also the author of Amazon best seller Black & White It Ain’t Right which is essentially an in depth look at Love Unity Equality which makes sense as he is the founder. He believes the only way we can have true equality is when people come together in love and unity from all ethnic backgrounds. In particular there is an onus on the majority in our country by those who are referred to as white or of European descent to take a stand against injustice. The category Ed would be labeled in. However he has had close ties with the African American community having lived in the community the majority of his life fathering and raising 3 sons who have an African American mother. He knew long before he ever heard the MLK quote “Don’t judge a man by the color of his skin but the content of his character.” that it was the right thing to do. He believes it is a special gift and calling God gave him.

Ed has a master’s degree in Religion and served over 6 years honorably in the US Army in combat units then as behavioral science specialist/counselor. He also played college basketball and has coached youth basketball for years in the African American community. He also has had a successful career in sales including salesman of the year for a large department of a fortune 500 company and has also run his own business.

His degree is best described as Christian leadership and a study of the Bible but denies being religious. However he is confident God wants us to choose love and not hate as the theme of the Bible is Love and God is Love. That God loves us and wants us to love Him back and we do that by loving our neighbor as ourselves and that’s everybody, all skin tones included. This is what Love Unity Equality is all about: choosing love over hate, unity over division and equality over injustice.

One Race the Human Race

Ed’s vision to Create Love Unity Equality

Ed’s vision to Create Love Unity Equality Starts with reading his Amazon best seller which he is confident will benefit anyone who reads it. In particular moving them closer to the culture described above that we are all Americans all one and all equal. This is what we believe, this is what we strive for and this is what we assure to the best of our abilities comes to fruition.

  • Equality Not Police Brutality- Understanding the need for police reform and improving African American and police relations.
  • Make The Hood Look Good- Improving African American communities that have also been neglected and designed for 2nd class citizens at best.
  • Raise Your Son Not Your Gun- What started back in slavery, children growing up without a father has created a continuous cycle that many have been unable break. Leading to hurt people hurting people which results in young African American men killing each other. Reaching our youth and breaking the cycle of fatherless African American children. A problem that has ravaged African Americans that originated with and was caused by slavery
  • One Race the Human Race- This is essentially the culture discussed above. Every geneticist who has ever studied the subject agrees that race is not a biological reality. However we all know it is because we have bought into the lie and been brainwashed into believing it. Let’s be clear the races were created to gain superiority and divide us and it has worked masterfully. As long as we identify ourselves as different races or different colors particularly black and white with the history of our country equality will only be a pipe dream. The reality is America is made up of a vast amount of ethnic groups who have various skin tones. When those skin tones become no more relevant than the color of our hair, eyes or the car we drive and we begin to identify and treat each other as all Americans all one and all equal will we truly become United. Racism is a virus that we have allowed to infect us for far too long and you have the ability to be a part of the vaccine that will kill it by living, preaching and teaching this culture.

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